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Plotting X,Y Coordinates on a table

Question asked by Tim Herda on Apr 9, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2015 by Ross Henderson

Hello all. New member here.  I am using SW 2015. The brunt of the drawings I do here is basically a disk with a bunch of holes in circular patterns, so, flywheels with mounting holes. One of the main purpose of these drawings is obviously to make our machinists lives easier when programming,  so I like to get the info to them as close to their language as possible. So the hole table feature is great for this, as it gives x,y coordinates from the center (translates perfectly to the CNC programmer). I have found a limitation though that seem basic enough. The hole table does not recognize holes that go through a tapered surface, so if there is a slight conical surface to the flywheel , even if the hole is started on a flat plane. Something about the surface of the hole  having an elliptical profile (It's still a circular hole D***it!) sorry.

The solution for this, I think could solve another one of my problems that I run into: Some of these flywheels have raised geometric bosses patterned around the edge. As of now I put a note pointing to each corner of the boss and manually enter the coordinates that I derived from previously placing both ordinate locations for each corner. This is not a fun process as there are a good handful of corners.

So, with all that being said (probably, not so eloquently) ideally I would like to see a feature that plots points, like the corners or just the centers of the "non circular" holes, in a table very much like the hole table. I admittedly am not too familiar with writing macros, or any kind of programming for that matter, but think that the solution I'm looking for lies in that ability.  Does anyone know if there has been anything created that serves this function.  I have found several discussions that have come close (placing notes nor a similar excel sheet) But not quite what I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance.