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    Revision Block Bug?

    Todd Skinner

      I just upgraded to Solid Works 2015 and noticed an issue with the revision block when creating a new revision.  I found that not every time, but about 50% of the time when a new revision is create the text "B1" gets added to the end of the text.  If I erase it, it just comes back.  The only thing I have found to eliminate it, is to delete the revision and the create the revision in the revision block again.


      Anybody have any ideas on how to get rid of this issue?  It is mainly an inconvenience.  When I finish the drawing it looks good, but sometimes when it gets reopened the "B1" text comes back and then I have to fix it again.



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          Kenneth Barrentine

          Its a new feature in 2015, "Drawing Zones".

          you must have a drawing view located in Zone B1


          when you're finished typing don't click in a drawing view.

          click somewhere in the sheet area or just hit enter key to exit.


          overall I think this feature is a little awkward

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              Timothy Taby

              Yea, this feature sucks!  I have been having issues with it and couldn't figure out why it kept happening.

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                  Matthew Lorono

                  We looked into this issue.  As far as functionality, it has the same workflow as any other capability where we allow linked values for selected items while editing.  For example, while you are editing a note, you can click on a dimension to include that dimension's value linked within your note.  However, for tables, it appears that many users use the click-away method to exit the table's edit mode, and have gotten use to just clicking anywhere.  So, we've removed this behavior for tables and zones in SW2016.  Instead in SW2016, if you wish to add a zone to a table cell, you must active that cell, then go to the FeatureTree and select the PropertyManager tab.  Once there, click on the Add Zone button.