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The custom tab is missing from the properties dialogue box

Question asked by Paul Del Net on Apr 9, 2015

This is something that has changed in the past few years, not so sure when.

I have a lot of parts I use frequently in a folder that is added into the Design Library.


On parts that were created earlier ( in this case 2012) when you hover the mouse over the

part icon a window will pop up displaying a larger view and the part name,

In the older part a description is also present.

(Part created in 2012)


For parts that have been created recently ( maybe 2014 and 2015) the description is missing,

(Part created in 2015)


If I right click properties there is a tab missing from the new parts dialogue box, the box on the left is old

the box on the right is new. If I open the part in SolidWorks the custom properties exist the same for both parts.

It sure is nice being able to see the description, especially when selecting bolts that are very close in size.

The dialogue boxes are the same look in Windows explorer as well.


Not sure if this is a Windows thing or a SW thing, The issue is the same in Windows 7 and 8.1.


Does anyone have some insight as to what is going on and can I change or fix this?