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    Link cut list property to Anotation is invalid

    Wei Zhang



      I have a problem now. I have a part and a drawing file and with some cut list in the design.


      Now I want to link one of cut list property "Item no" to one of my drawing view as view label. But it seems that the option "link to cut list" is invalid. see attached photo. What is this problem?

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          Glenn Schroeder

          First attach a leader to an edge of the drawing view, then go to the Link to Property dialog box.  Current document will be selected by default, but select Component to which the annotation is attached insteadCut list properties will now be available for selection.  After placing the note you can delete the leader if you want.  By the way, after getting this note set up you can copy and paste it, or save it as a Style, but you will need to click on a model edge to place new notes for it to work, even if it doesn't have a leader.