Windows 2000 Compatibility

Discussion created by 1-6C0O4J on Jun 11, 2007

We are ready to install PDMWorks Workgroup Viewer (web client) onour network.
We have several PC's that are not upgraded and still have Windows2000 SP4.0.

The Web client works through a web page and uses E-drawings andInternet Explorer 6.0 or above. Both these work on Windows2000.

We are told Solidworks does not support Windows 2000, becauseMicrosoft no longer supports that operating system- that makessence. Our Solidworks reseller has told
us that they have heard of people using it, but non of theircustomers.

Our plans are to eventualy upgrade all our systems to XP, but thatmay take awhile. My question is does anyone(or hasanyone) here use the web-portal with Windows 2000?

If you have, please let us know it would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.