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Delete bend in middle of part

Question asked by Valery Zinger on Apr 9, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2015 by Valery Zinger

Just going insane.

No answer whats or ever in sites or forums.


Its simple, one part with many bends one after another, if i delete one bend somewhere in a middle the whole bends that comes after gets an error.

If i try and manually select again the same edges the problem will be fixed but i will loose the sketch, it will be brand new bend.


Its so odd that when you use Flattern feature to the particulary bend it will calculate the flat 0/180 degree and will change the whole part after it.

But when you delete the same bend (so you will get the same 0 degree but without bend) the program doesnt calculate nothing, gives you an error and you will probably will have to do all the bends and sketches after the deleted bend  from the begining.



Is there a way to make the program calculate that there is no bend anymore?