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    Motion Analysis messages

    David Archer

      Solidworks 2012


      Hi all,


      Just started using Motion Analysis for the first time on an assembly.


      Receiving the message .... Motion integration step too small.

      What the hell does that mean ?




      Time  T= 2.881850754E+00

      ADAMS  can not solve the equations of motion because the mechanism has "Locked up"

      At least one constraint can no longer be satisfied.

      ADAMS is unable to satisfy the constraint for :  CYLJNT/212  SI. XJ.


      About as clear and concise as a politician's answer on Question Time.


      If Solidworks knows what is causing the fault,

      and Solidworks knows where the fault is,


      why does Solidworks not highlight the faulty joint / part / mate in red on the screen so I don't have to guess where the fault is occurring  ?




        • Re: Motion Analysis messages
          Bill McEachern

          You need to fully appreciate that consequences of the rigid body assumption and joints. Say for example you are trying to do and over center lock it can't be done because at TDC you will have infinite stiffness and the program aborts with the message you have indicated. Similar things can happen in situations that are not so obvious when you haven't been considering this subtlety. You can replace joints with force based objects with stiffnesses (like a bushing) and then thing will complete. As for why it won't identify the joint.......the message is generated by the ADAMS solver and SWx does not appear to process the message to do that for you. How many cylindrical joints do you have?