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Sheet Metal Blank Dimensions, Weigth and Sheet Metal Cutting List

Question asked by Mauricio Martinez-Saez on Jun 11, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2008 by Nur Kholish Majid
How many of you need to produce a sheet metal cutting list out of alarge sheet metal assembly?  or need to have the sheet metalblank dimensions and weight in order to enter that information onthe MRP system?

Also, maybe you need the blank dimensions and weigth in order toestimate manufacturing cost (cost of raw material).

Well, SolidWorks do not provide a "clean" way to obtainthat information (or at least I  have not found one).  Itis possible to "extract" that data by placing annotationsover the "flat pattern" of the part and them docalculations with equations and use them on the"properties" so it can be placed on a BOM.... However,the annotations do not update when the part changes size (unlessedited by hand, by opening the part on his own window... etc.

I believe that this is a needed functionality for any one workingwith large sheet metal assemblies... so if you needed, please senda request for an enhancement... maybe if SolidWorkls receive a lotof them they decide to add this functionality...

Is not a a difficult thing to add but apparently no one atSolidWorks think that after modeling a large sheet metal assemblyit need to be fabricated and the first thing that need to be doneis to "cut" the blanks...

And if you do nesting and then do CNC fabrication, you need toestimate raw material consumption and cost... so need the blankweight and dimensions... so make a request..