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Heat loss of building - simulation

Question asked by Jakub Hazmuka on Apr 8, 2015
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i have a problem with simulation of temperature in the building.

I want to calculate steady state of air temperature of room inside the building.


Boundary condition:

- Inlet and outlet from the central HVAC

               ...Inlet chimney

               ...Outlet ceiling

               ...Inlet volum flow 1

               ...Inlet volum flow 2

               ...Inlet volum flow 3

               ...Inlet volum flow 4

- Tepmerature from others (not simulated) rooms

               ...Wall temperature 15°C

               ...Wall temperature 5°C

- At the windows i want to place the indoor VRV unit (by the technical documentation i found out the volume flow a and heat power of unit -> volume and temperature of air (simplified - i know the the heatpower is dependent on the outlet air of unit - but it isnt the main task of a day.

               ...VRV inlet

               ...VRV outlet

I didnt know, if the calculating need any openings -> and then i add the next boundary condition


Heat sources

- Tepmerature from others (not simulated) rooms

               ...Volume Temperature of rooms

- heat loop for heating of skylight

               ...Volume temperature - skylight



- When i calculating it gives out the strange results -  i have after celculating the extreme temepratures .... forexample i set the thermodynamic parameter- temperature = -13°C (in general setting) but results show me the temperature of enviroment air -270°C... I try the check model geometry but it is ok...


What i doing wrong with it or is anything wrong with me?


I am sending the model for better look...

I hope you will help help me and thank you for your time


For the loading the model use file: Sestava ZNB.SLDASM

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Results (after x iterations)

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