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    Heat loss of building - simulation

    Jakub Hazmuka


      i have a problem with simulation of temperature in the building.

      I want to calculate steady state of air temperature of room inside the building.


      Boundary condition:

      - Inlet and outlet from the central HVAC

                     ...Inlet chimney

                     ...Outlet ceiling

                     ...Inlet volum flow 1

                     ...Inlet volum flow 2

                     ...Inlet volum flow 3

                     ...Inlet volum flow 4

      - Tepmerature from others (not simulated) rooms

                     ...Wall temperature 15°C

                     ...Wall temperature 5°C

      - At the windows i want to place the indoor VRV unit (by the technical documentation i found out the volume flow a and heat power of unit -> volume and temperature of air (simplified - i know the the heatpower is dependent on the outlet air of unit - but it isnt the main task of a day.

                     ...VRV inlet

                     ...VRV outlet

      I didnt know, if the calculating need any openings -> and then i add the next boundary condition


      Heat sources

      - Tepmerature from others (not simulated) rooms

                     ...Volume Temperature of rooms

      - heat loop for heating of skylight

                     ...Volume temperature - skylight



      - When i calculating it gives out the strange results -  i have after celculating the extreme temepratures .... forexample i set the thermodynamic parameter- temperature = -13°C (in general setting) but results show me the temperature of enviroment air -270°C... I try the check model geometry but it is ok...


      What i doing wrong with it or is anything wrong with me?


      I am sending the model for better look...

      I hope you will help help me and thank you for your time


      For the loading the model use file: Sestava ZNB.SLDASM

      Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.


      Results (after x iterations)

      Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

        • Re: Heat loss of building - simulation
          Jared Conway

          have not looked at your model

          it looks like you only uploaded the sldasm, you'll need to use pack and go to get all the files as well (but maybe you have internal parts?...I haven't looked)


          anyways, my suggestion to you would be to start simpler. you've got a LOT going on and it seems like you might be just getting started with flow. so what i'd do is take the bare minimum elements and get that working the way you want. and then you can slowly add elements until you reach the final setup. that way if you run into issues a long the way, it will be easy to pinpoint.