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What VBA function should i use to find what revision is one file inside PDM?

Question asked by Raphael Schubert on Apr 8, 2015

Hello guys, i'm drafter and know a little bit about VBA.

I have an Excel Workbook where i created a function to search all files inside an location of my network.

I want to know a way to use VBA inside excel to retrieve an especific file revision.



My sheet:

Draw Number ( is same as file name ) - ARX000-000-001

Column B - Revision 012


When i call the Macro, it will run inside Solidworks PDM and find this file and compare if revision in PDM was same in excel file.


Why i need? I have some DWG files i use in Laser Cut Machinary. I need know if other Drafters was changing those files when have a new revision.

How i will do it?




I will run for first time macro inside my local folder with DWG's and assume all was in correct revision and save Data/Hour i checked.

When i run the macro again i'll compare all versions and if any was wrong it will show me an message to open file and export again the DWG.

Maybe i can alter the script to delete the old DWG. I'm thinking what will be bether here.


I know do almost all.

But i dont know what function i will use to locate the file revision inside PDM.


Can someone help me with it?

If i got some help here i can give the Excel File when done with script.


Att, Raphael Schubert