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Change/Darken the Application UI/Theme of Solidworks? (Suggestion For Devs)

Question asked by Koko Katanjian on Apr 8, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by Jesse Powers

So i work in many different softwares to get things working correctly for various things. the top 3 would be 3ds max, photoshop, and solidworks. and as long as i'm awake, i'm staring at a computer doing either one of those, or games (steam) so i like my UI to be dark like photoshop, or 3ds max as long exposure to bright lights tend to hurt after a while. its like staring at a light bulb for days on end.



3DS MAX    




and then solidworks is like this


and so i'd like to change it to look like the UI in these, as staring at bright lights for 12-15 hours a day hurts my eyes, and i'm having to invest in those yellow glasses that those dota 2 and league players wear.


yeah these things. and these things look dumb, and i don't want to start putting in my contacts every morning.


i hope somebody has found a way to do this, as it is fairly aggravating, and tires my eyes.