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    Design Journal / Custom Propertie's

    John Stoltzfus

      We will be starting to use the Design Journal feature for our custom projects and I have been doing a little research, however the information is very brief.


      The questions I have are;


      1.  Can I add SW Custom properties, The information I could find is to open the Journal and go insert field, however there was no custom SW properties, also the file opened as read only, so I couldn't save it


      2. Is the Journal file a template or just a imbedded word document in the part or assembly


      Any help is much appreciated,



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            Bernie Daraz

            Good morning John! I understand it's just a Word Doc and you can save a new template more to your liking. I park stuff there such as vendor emails and test results. Sometimes I use it as 'notepad' for future updates.

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                John Stoltzfus

                Thanks Bernie - yes I know it's a word doc, however we are considering changing some of our documentation process and I have a lot of information in the Custom Properties, which some of those notes, instructions etc are what I would like to put in the Design Journal, but when I looked at adding custom properties it didn't pull up the same dialog box.  There is very little info in the help or on the forum.


                I didn't want to mess with the temp file or temp file location till I know a little more than what I do now

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              Mike Bartlett

              Hi John,

                   I am currently looking into changing our documentation myself.  You probably have come across this already but here is one thing I found ref custom properties:

              Solution Id:



              SolidWorks 2006 Network



              Reviewed Date:







              Is it
              possible to insert file properties other than file name, material and
              description in the Design Journal?



              It is
              possible to insert other document custom properties in the Design Journal.
              for example the user wants to display the part number instead of the File Name
              follow these steps:
              1. open the Design journal and right click on the field
              showing the file name
              2. select Edit Field and click on Part Number in the
              Field property list
              See the attached part.
              Note that the Design Journal
              template (that is located in <SolidWorks installation
              directory>\lang\english) can be customized.


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                John Stoltzfus

                A late update on the Design Journal -


                Open up the Design Journal and go to Insert/Quick Parts/Field/DocProperty/Field properties... 


                In our "New" products we try to keep track of all the changes with additional notes and I have them linked directly to the Design Journal - works pretty good when establishing history of why and who etc...