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Cpoint problem in routing add-in

Question asked by Alex Golding on Apr 8, 2015
Latest reply on May 2, 2015 by Eduardo Araujo

Hello all,


as stated above, I'm having an issue with the routing add-in.  Whenever I attempt to add any Cpoint to an existing route,  I get the following error: "Cpoint is invalid. Please edit feature and redefine geometry."  I know that the Cpoints are valid;  I can start a route on them without any problem, and I'm using (mostly) the Solidworks default connectors.  I'm following the same workflow I was using yesterday, and no problems occurred then.  I suspect there is some sort of issue with my software, rather than the models.  I have tried closing and relaunching SolidWorks, restarting my computer, and disabling and enabling the routing add-in.  Has anyone encountered a similar problem or any suggestions on how to work around this?  Thanks.