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    Computed BOM Doesn't Exclude Virtual Parts?

    Brian Dalton

      I've noticed that computed BOMs in EPDM 2014 still list virtual parts that have clearly been marked as 'Exclude from BOM' in their assembly.  Regular parts (with their own files) which are marked as 'Exclude from BOM' do not show up in a computed BOM, which is what should happen and what I want.  I can't seem to get the system to stop putting in the virtual files, though.


      The EPDM help file states:

      "The computed BOM includes internal components, such as drawing parts and virtual parts. Computed BOMs reflect BOM exclusions you make in the SOLIDWORKS assembly and components."


      Sounds good, but it's simply not true.  If anyone knows how to make EPDM stop listing virtual parts that have been marked as 'Exclude from BOM' in computed BOMs please share this information with us.



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          Jim Sculley

          Are you perhaps seeing this behavior?



          Solution Id:S-061715

          Product:SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2012 CAD Editor


          Technically Reviewed Date:4/17/2013

          Area:PDMWorks Enterprise



          Question:    Why does the “Exclude from bill of material” and other BOM or other configuration specific supporessed components not apply when selecting the  (@) configuration in a Computed bill of materials (BOM) in the Enterprise PDM BOM view?


          Answer:    The as built (@) configuration is not what we consider a SolidWorks configuration; it is specific to Enterprise PDM and in the context of a Computed  BOM  will mainly read and display all the file references but without taking into account any additional SolidWorks configuration settings such as suppressed or excluded references. The “Exclude from bill of material” setting in a part or assembly is stored only for a  valid SolidWorks configuration and during the check in operation in Enterprise PDM it will store the configuration information of where it is excluded; this information will be stored for all the SolidWorks configurations but  not also the special as built (@) configuration. As a result of this behaviour when we view a bill of material and select the as built (@) configuration it will not take into consideration any configuration specific settings.



          EPDM 2015 behaves as described above.  To me it makes sense.  The '@' tab isn't a configuration, so configuration specific settings have no meaning.


          Jim S.