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Changing the Revision scheme in PDMWorks

Question asked by Eric Christison on Apr 7, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2015 by Kenneth Barrentine

My company has a document management system which acts as a central repository for all forms of documents owned by us.


Outside of that we have our own system of producing drawings, which are held in our own PDMW vault and uploaded into the company system when the drawings need released for manufacture or revised.


Our company wide document managemenmt system has changed it's revision scheme from alpha numeric (B1, B2...C..etc) to numeric numeric (1.1, 1.2...2.0 etc).


We'd like to change our revision scheme inside PDMW to match the new system.


Unfortunately our VAR tells us that things get messy if we change it for an existing vault and then try to re check in old drawing that were originally entered into the vault with the old revision scheme. Most of the older models and drawings are pretty much obsolete and will not be accessed very much anyway.


As a result I 'm thinking that the best way of making the change is to create a new vault to hold all new models and their associated drawings with the new lifecycle applied while leaving the old vault with it's old lifecycle as it is.


Has anyone been here before? Does this sound like the best course of action.


Yours nervously etc....