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    SW2015 drawing bug with $PRPSHEET:"Weight" units

    Bill Toft

      I have SW2015 SP2.1 and, being Canadian, I work in a multilingual environment (metric & imperial).

      I had one part designed in MMGS but my client wanted to see the drawing in IPS. No problem! I just changed the drawing units to IPS.

      But then I noticed the the Weight displayed in the title block was still in grams (not pounds).

      This is a new "feature" in SW2015 that others may not have noticed, so I am bringing it to your attention.

      I reported it to my VAR and it is logged as SPR 806088.


      In the meantime, my workaround is to go to the Part (or Assembly) file and change the MMGS units to Custom, (so I can edit the Mass/Section Properties) then change the Mass from grams to pounds. To control the decimals displayed in the drawing, I change the Length mass property decimals.

      The only problem is that if I also want a drawing with MMGS units, I need to go back and undo what I did in the Part/Assembly file.


      My VAR suggested another workaround:

      1. Add a new global variable in the Part file that does the units conversion.

           I used "WeightLBS" = "SW-Mass" * 0.002204622

      2. Add a custom property that links to that global variable.

           I used "DwgWeightLBS" = "WeightLBS@Default@partname.SLDPRT"

      3. In my IPS drawing template I replaced $PRPSHEET:"Weight" with $PRPSHEET:"DwgWeightLBS"

      So now the same part file can have both MMGS and IPS drawings concurrently.

      The only problem is that, because this property is a text field, there is no way to control the number of decimals displayed in the drawing.


      Anybody else have a better workaround?