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Migrating Between Accounts

Question asked by Oli Sparrow on Apr 7, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2015 by Oli Sparrow

Hi all,


  Can't seem to get in touch with Solidworks support so thought I'd ask here.


   I've started with a new company so have had to create a new user account (different email address, registered serial number etc.).


   I've been making use of the free CSWA offer this month and without thinking have completed all the 40ish prep courses (a requirement to receive a voucher for the CSWA exam) all on my old work account.


   Is there a way, or can Solidworks/DS migrate my information and prep course records over to my new account so I can take the exam?


  I know the CSWA is pretty low level but I'd still like to make use of the offer while it stands.