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Issues with configurations displaying correctly

Question asked by Colleen Christie on Apr 7, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2015 by Brian McEwen

I have a top level assembly with several sub assemblies.  In the sub assemblies I have several door assemblies.  The doors have several configurations within them (open or closed, right or left hand, with or without window).  In my top level assembly I have created 2 configurations, doors open and doors closed.  When In the doors open config, I go into the sub assembly and set the configuration of the doors to be in the open position.  When I go into the the doors closed config in the top level and set the configurtaion of the doors to be closed, it changes the doors open configuration and closes all the doors.


I have done this several times before, but have had the door assembled into the main assembly, and not the sub assembly.  Do I need to create configs in my sub assembly for open and closed, then use those in my top level? Or should this work right from my top level.


Thank you for any input