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    2d section views.

    Tren Cramer

      I am having trouble doing a section view in SW2015.  the view comes in with brown lines and a dialogue box comes up which asks if I am sectioning specific parts.   It appears that I am.  Not sure what to do.




      Tren Cramer

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          David Beard

          Hi.  I had a problem with a section view that worked fine until I added components to the assembly that made the model larger than the section line.  So the section line wasn't long enough to slice through the whole model after the model became larger.  Maybe something similar is happening with your section view.  The only other thing I can think of is that the section line cuts through your model such that there is a sliver edge or zero length geometry.  In that case maybe you could offset your section line a little bit.


          Dave B

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            Matthew Lorono



            David's comment covers the most likely case.  If your cutting lines do not extent outside of the outlines of the part, you will get an error unless you set the section view to be Partial.  To fix this, drag the ends of the cutting line outside the outline of the parts.