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Ouch, Dassualt Systemes... it hurts to be stabbed in the back by you.

Question asked by Rey Alonso on Apr 7, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2015 by David Oubre

I am beyond shocked that Dassualt Systemes cheated us loyal users that have no need for some of the features of Premium by only having the Flatten Surface available to SolidWorks Premium users. I do not have a need for simulation tools (which is why I never purchased SolidWorks Premium in the first place), and was stoked to use the Flatten Surface feature for a project I am working on. To my disappointment, I learned that as a SolidWorks Professional user, I am not entitled to it, for some unknown reason. Really sad to discover this, and can't help but think about what lies ahead for us. I was always under the impression (and greatly admired) that it was Dassualt Systeme's goal to provide all of the core modeling tools across the board to all users, and only have certain differentiating add ins between the 3 levels. I hope that they come to their senses and correct this in a future service pack, because honestly, I am beginning to question my loyalty toward the software and have my doubts of continuing my subscription.