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Noob question: Managing Prototype files and Production files.

Question asked by Dean Long on Apr 6, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2015 by Dean Long

What is the SW tried and true method of managing a Prototype folder and a Production Intent folder that has parts and assemblies with the same names?


I have the added fun of:

1. I am working off-site from my customer which means I am not hooked directly to Windchill (yes Windchill).

2. I have parts that are released in Windchill as prototype but are still live. I cannot create new part numbers because we use Windchill to order parts.

3. I must be able to change the prototype parts because we have running deviations.

4. Due to compressed schedule, I am starting to revise my parts for production.

5. I had the extra added fun today of finding my proto and production parts cross pollenated last week and I have errors in my assemblies that I need to correct


How do you keep this from occurring in SW? I do not have the opportunity to "manage" the files with a live PDM solution.