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    Alexey Yuritsyn

      I am trying to do some experiment but got the following message all the time....Boundary condition: Argon outlet; Inlet flow/outlet flow = 0,989....or  1,01 approximately. And consequently When I do trajectories..argon goes back. What's wrong and how can I eliminate the problem. ?? out let I had Statistic Pressure 101355 Ps...as it was given..and Inlet..was volume rate...

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          Jared Conway

          is the flow rate very low?


          can you add the next component at the outlet? that should resolve the issue

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              Alexey Yuritsyn

              oh) thanks for answering.

              1) If I understand correctly what rate flow is...then it is 0,0001 m3/s...or 6 litres per min.

              2) "Next component"...don't really understand what you mean.


              I will explain the task. Maybe it will be interesting for you as well. It is a vacuum kiln. when T reaches 1000 C approximately. they put Ar through the vertical tube to the inner chamber. It removes all the oxides there...and they remove argon through the tube on the left...outlet is scematical...T inside is every heater expose 10kW. this box is from Graffit. two small tubes are water cooling.when I chose Enviroment or statistic pressure as agron outlet...it wrote about vortexes. I lessened Pressure twice wanting emitate sacking-in (as they put pump after outlet) however Flow still went back in. the I put volume rate for outlet...the same as inlet.  It did not write anything about vortexes...however...trajectories was not as I wanted to see.


              So I want to understand...1) how fast agron will become colder...2)and if T inside is 1000 C...how many degrees will it fall when you out Ar t=20.05C


              Would be really thankful for any information.