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design automation c++

Question asked by Sdiri Marwa on Apr 6, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2015 by Jeetendra Prasad

Hi,I am trying to develop a design automation tool add in for Solidworks using Solidworks API and C++.I choose this language

because i have taking courses of it plus it is was recommanded by  my supervisor (because it is faster) anyway i have to stick to c++ language .

So as a beginner I have so many problems first of all when i worked on the state of this project i figure out it should also inculde a knowledge based system to validate designs.

And then I find that this is possible with c++ using some expert system devolping tool.Second, i have to mention  that designs should be parmertrized.So now I dont know how to mix the classique c++ i know and the knowledge based system which i dont know and

solidworks api c++ devolepment.So particulary in this point i wonder how to use solidworks interfaces and do i have to use another library for GUI besides solidworks interfaces.