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How do I model a dual thickness bend (bend after hemming)

Question asked by Dave Vanderbush on Apr 3, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2015 by Dave Vanderbush

I'm trying to model a part and would like to perform a dual thickness bend, after having hemmed a part.



I keep getting "This part contains features that cannot be unbent." errors.


Bending Ops would be:


1. End 1 Ears

2. End 2 Ears

3. Accute Bend (For Hemm)

4. Hemm

5. Dual Thickness Bend (Punch and die combo would be sized appropriately for a sheet twice as thick.  If the part is .108" thick, use bending setup for 0.216+" for final bend)


End view:


Flatstate without the second top-flange thickness. (Really bad final flange sketch in red... sorry for the snipping tool ineptitude;)  )



Model Tree: