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Best practices for creating a welded structural frame (not for simulation)

Question asked by Nathan Rollins on Apr 3, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2015 by Glenn Schroeder

Hi all,


I need to create a steel frame for a machine and will be using structural tubing and sheet metal for the design.  I know there are many ways to approach this, but I want to have a discussion with you folks who maybe do this sort of thing every day and hopefully learn a few pointers before I dive in.


I was thinking to create a part template of a tube length that I can use to start most of the components.  But then I thought it might be smarter to create a multi-body part instead...


This frame will be documented and will see low production (~12 units per year).  There will be sheet metal components that get welded to the frame - this may exclude the use of multi-body...


I would like to have a cut sheet of the individual tube lengths - I know that is an easy thing for Solidworks to do, but I have never done it.


I look forward to hearing all of your opinions on how this job can be done most efficiently.