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    Automatically add Swept Boss/Thin Feature?

    Phillip Bradshaw

      I'm very new to the Solidworks API and not super-good with VBA, but I'd like to see if I can get some help putting together a macro for a repetitive task I do a hundred times a day. I spend all day creating copper tubes, each size has a set wall thickness and bend radius. It'd be really nice if I could draw the tube shape (not the section, but the path) and choose the size, then have the macro add fillets to intersections (bends) with the correct radius, add the Swept Boss feature with the selected size as a profile shape, then add the Thin Feature with the correct thickness. It doesn't seem like this would be difficult, but not sure where to start.


      Sorry if I sound like a ignoramoose, but I need some help.


      Thanks for any advice!