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    SW 2014 display flaw

    Jerome Bafour

      Hello everyone,
      I have since whatever time a display flaw.
      When I make a zoom zoom just a portion of the screen zooming.
      This forms a rectangle in the middle of the screen and then it disappears.
      see attached image.
      I am running Windows 7
      Solidworks 2014 Sp2

      PC DELL M6400probléme affichage-2.jpg
      Nvidia Quadro video catre FX3700M
      Certified driver:
      12 GB of RAM
      Avast antivirus

      According Avast no viruses (scan at startup)
      Test equipment via the bios OK
      Ok after registry Wise 8

      There there any of you who have an idea?






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          Michael Lawrence

          Hi Jerome,


          This looks like a graphical issue with possible tearing. You may find that reinstalling your graphics card drivers fixes this. But to prove that it is the graphics card causing the problems, you can load up SolidWorks in Software OpenGl.  This can be done by navigating to Start>All Programs>SolidWorks 20xx>SolidWorks Tools>SolidWorks RX 20xx. On the first tab of the RX tool, there are two safe modes at the bottom, one being load SolidWorks in Software OpenGL this loads SolidWorks without using the Graphics card at all. If the problem remains then it is not your graphics card cuasing the issue, if the problem is gone then the drivers should be reinstalled,updated or rolled back. If none of the drivers work then the card is possibly faulty - run this in benchmarking software such as that provided by FutureMark, this should show you how your card is performing under heavy load the artifacts may still be present there to.

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            Kelvin Lamport

            That is very similar to the graphics anomaly caused by not using a Windows Aero theme.