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    I don't get Drawing Format Options

    Vagulus Dagg

      Hi folks


      I have just started a course in SWX.

      My machine is Intel Core i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz, 8,0GB RAM, MS Windows 7 Home Premium v. 6.1 64-bit SP1

      Intel HD Graphics and  RealTek High Definintion Audio on Motherboard MSI B75MA-P45

      I have Windows Defender as Anti-virus with Memeo Backup Pro, and Skype running in the background.


      I have installed SWX 2014-2015 Student Version which has these files in Task Manager as normal:



      When I start SWX I get this message:



      I click OK and start the first tutorial and draw my first part - all okay so far:



      I go on to create a new drawing following the tutorial:



      but when I take step five all comes to a halt because I cannot select anything:



      Most frustrating!  Here is me enthusiastically spending my Easter getting a grip on some basics in SWX and  ...  well, a snag.


      Please, what is wrong, and how do I fix it?

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          Daen Hendrickson

          The "Journal File" error usually occurs when you try to have two sessions of SW running at the same time. The initial session "locks" the journal file and when you launch the second session it cannot create.


          If you think you have only one session running, try a machine reboot and make sure a session isn't hung in the background.


          Regarding your sheet format issue, I suspect you have not told SW where your sheet formats are stored.


          Go to File / Tools / Options. In the left column of the System Options tab select File Locations. On the right side click the drop-down list under "Show folders for:" and select Document Templates (it may already be selected by default). In the "Folders:" box make sure there is a path to the installation folder that contains the files Assembly.asmdot, Drawing.drwdot, and Part.prtdot. (Might be in the installation folder ...SolidWorks\Samples\Tutorieals). If you have been able to create a new part, assembly, and/or drawing then this is probably set up correctly.


          Next change the drop-down list to Sheet Formats. Again, make sure there is a path to the installation folder that contains your sheet formats. It most likely would be in the installation folder under something like C:\Program Files\SolidWorks\Solidworks\data\templates. These would be files such as ansi.drwdot, bsi.drwdot, drawing.drwdot, iso.drwdot, etc.


          Once you have told SW where the sheet format files and the drawing templates are located, your dialog box should show the data you are expecting.



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              Vagulus Dagg

              Thanks for the prompt reply Daen.


              As far as I can tell I only have a single copy running.


              I did a reboot when that first happened.  I find it doesn't happen if I right-click on the desktop icon and --> "Open", instead of the double-left-click on the icon.


              I have checked all my installation paths including "Default Templates".  I select a drawing template:


              and I get:


              I click on OK and get:


              I am expecting a border around the drawing (see thumbnail in the sidebar).  Should I be?

              If I use the college template I get a border, so I know it works.

              Is Solidworks protecting the environment by saving on printer toner perhaps?

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              Prashant Kendre

              click in box only show standard formats