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Modeling carpeted panels

Question asked by Brian Putnam on Apr 1, 2015

Is there a way to create a model of a carpeted panel.  In real life, we take sheets of plywood, and cut them to size to fit where they are needed.  Typically, the plywood is 3/8" thick.  We then wrap the plywood with 1/8" thick carpet.  We would like to show this in our part drawings with the carpet hidden, so the size and shape of the plywood can be detailed.  In the assembly where the carpet panel is used, I would like to show it with the overall size including the carpet, so the panels can be shown butted up against each other.  Ideally, when we create the carpet feature, it would have an 1/8" radius, but that is not really needed.

I am thinking something similar to creating an outward shell, but where it does not consume the original solid.

Thanks,Brian Putnam