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Is it possible to extend a 3d line (or even a 2d line) to a plane?

Question asked by Dave Krum on Apr 2, 2015
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Good morning all,

Is it possible to extend a 3d line to a plane?  Or for that matter, in a simple sketch be able to extend a 2d line to a plane?  I did a quick search online and don't believe so as there were no hits using "extend line to plane". I have a sketch with a 3d line.  The shop would like to have some reference points away from the line to check their measurements.  I don't know how I could give them these other than extending my 3d line and trying to get some measurements from there.  Below is a simple 3d line sketch for example with a new plane5 added where I would wanna extend the 3d line to (I created plane4 using the 3d line and the endpoint to keep it normal).  But like I said, SW help didn't show anything for this either.  I'm attaching the part file as well.  The second image below is where I am trying to get to on my shop issue where I'd like to be able to extend the 3d line further from the starting point.  Hope this makes sense.  Thanks in advance!