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Can I simulate a living hinge closing 180 degrees with the part interacting with itself?

Question asked by Ethan Perdue on Apr 1, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2015 by Bill McEachern

Hello all. Let me try to explain this as simply as possible.


I work for a company that specializes in making bottles and vials with living hinges (pp). We are getting production errors where some vials are having their rims crushed on the hinge side and some errors where our seal is compromised because the plastic from the lid is not touching the plastic rim around the main body of the vial.


Is it possible to simulate a living hinge closing 180 degrees, showing where the lid interferes with the rim of the main body? Specifically, we want to know how the rim and the lid of the vial is being flexed when we close the living hinge. I have attached an image of one of our typical vials to clear up any misunderstandings.Living hinge.JPG

Ideally, we want to come up with multiple iterations of a rim and lid design to test out before we make a short run mold.


I have come up with solutions that can close the vial, but these do not show any flexing when the plastic starts to close in on itself. After a few days of trying to find a solution on the internet, I have determined that this may not be possible. I would like to confirm one way or another.


Any help will do. Let me know if you need more clarification.