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Retrieving Solidworks Assemblies and Reference Files from a Network Drive Location

Question asked by Wesley Pelle on Apr 2, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2015 by John Burrill

I’m currently using Solidworks 2015 (including SW Routings) and we archive and store Solidworks cad files on a network drive.


The problem we have is retrieving old Solidworks files from network drive folders that are different than the original folder structure that the model assembly was created in. For example, we may want to retrieve a .slddrw file that references a .sldasm file that has many other .sldasm sub-assemblies and parts. The only way to check out/export the .slddrw file and to make sure that all the file references aren’t missing is to check out/export all the children (assemblies, sub-assemblies & parts) to the same file location on a hard drive. When all ref. files have been retrieved manually into that folder location on a local hard drive, then all reference files will show up correctly when the .slddrw is opened. This process can take
a lot of time.


Is there a quicker, better way for to gather all the file references in the Network drive folders and move them to one
folder location on the hard drive, instead of manually having to find all the file references and export them out to that local hard drive folder ?


This leads me to believe that for any new assemblies we archive onto the Network drive, that it’s best to do a “Pack and Go” and
move the one file/folder to a network drive folder. When an assembly file needs to be retrieved in the future we could retrieve the one pack n go file/folder and ensure that all the ref. files will be there and not be missing.


I appreciate any help with this issue.