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3d path of a part in an assembly

Question asked by Alan Thomason on Apr 1, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2015 by John Burrill

I have used an assembly to determine the motion of an object in 3d space.  I need to machine surfaces that are oriented with the position of this geometry in the assembly. 


I think the way to do this is to develop a spline which is created by the movement of a part in an assembly.  So imagine you create a line 10mm long that is in a sketch on a part in an assembly.  Now move that part through a specified motion.  It is important to note that the motion is not planar, the part can twist in any orientation constrained by links in the assembly.  I would like to create a file which outputs the position of each end of that line, so:


     time     Ax     Ay     Az     Bx     By     Bz.



Does anyone know how to create a set of XYZ  based on this?  I use Motion a lot, but would prefer NOT to do this in Motion if possible, rather in Animation.