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    Assembly File Roll Back Problem in PDM

    Sung Ming Wong

      The Assembly File was rolled back, but all the parts kept the latest version.


      I tried. The steps are listed below:
      Before Check out,
      1. Select Assembly file
      2. Click history
      3. Click Get and select previous version
      4. Close window form
      5. Select two parts (Tried to skip)
      6. Get previous version (Tried to skip)
      7. Double click assembly file and check out all of the parts
      8. Rebuild Assembly file


      The check-out list showed that two parts would be gotten previous version.
      However, the latest version was applied after “rebuild” assembly file.


      After Check out,
      1. Click parts in the assembly file
      2. Click parts properties
      3. Click Get and select previous version for two parts
      4. Confirm replacement
      5. Mate error still exist
      6. Check those errors and find “face invalid” from replaced parts


      I checked Contains of the Assembly file after all above steps. All of the parts still kept latest version. Nothing changed.

      Please help. Thanks.

        • Re: Assembly File Roll Back Problem in PDM
          Brian McEwen

          I'll restate just to make sure I understand. 


          You rolled back an assembly file, but it still seems to be pointing to the Latest Versions of the components, and you were expecting it to use the "Referenced Versions" - versions that were used when it was checked-in...


          The Referenced Versions are established during Check-in.  But if you open an old version of an assembly it will, by default, show the newest components you have locally. You seem to understand that, I'm just covering some basics. 


          Here is what I would suggest trying. 

          *Check-out the assembly, don't worry about the check boxes, we will deal with versions in the next step. Let it get the latest versions.

          *Then go to Get Version - see red icon in the upper right - select "Referenced Version".

          referenced version.png

          If that version of the assembly was truly checked-in the way you want, and not checked-in since the rollback, then it should reference the components you want. If there are specific components where you want other versions then manage those with check boxes, or individually Get them.


          Contains Tab will not change until you Check-In the assembly with it referencing the versions you want. Your steps did not show a check-in.