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    negative values shown ni postive in graph

    Ranga Narasimhan

      i'm plotting linear velocity and acceleration of a point in my mechanism. All the values are shown in positive side of graph. But in actual, there are negative (reversed) velocities and acceleration in my mechanism.

      How do i make it show in graph

        • negative values shown ni postive in graph
          Ian Hogg
          Hi Ranga,
          This is a very generic question, and could be due to a couple ofaspects
          1. Sign convention
          2. Result component
          If you are charting results for joints or forces, then it's mostlikely sign convention. The sign convention is always the movementsof the first component with respect to the second component. Thedirection field in the entity definition is showing you thepositive direction for the first component. If you plot magnitudeof result, then you will only see positive values. Hence pick aparticular component. Keep in mind on parts (and for force results)that results are in the global coordinate systems. Results onjoints and force entities are in the local coordinate system of theentity.
          I hope this gives you some insight.