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    Cannot add fixtures or loads

    Thomas Murray

      Hi All,


      I am doing a '2D Simplification' on a vessel comprised of two pieces - an endcap and shell.


      I am attempting to simulate high extenal pressure upon the external surfaces of a cylindrical vessel. I want to see how much the assembly deflect and how the material will behave under a given pressure. Using the 2D simplification check box, then choosing axis symmetric and selecting the cylinder's axis, I get the image which is attached.



      My problem is that I cannot select any fixtures or create any loads. I will right click loads and select say 'Pressure', and hover of the edge I want to load, but nothing happens. Same issue with fixturing. I checked my license and have obtained a 2012 Simulation Premium License under 2012 SW Premium x64 SP1 via the Solidnet License Mgr.


      Here is the full model image just to give you an idea of what I am looking at:



      I tried deleting all other simulations previously (it was working before), and I have tried renaming the files, I have also tried to pack and go to another folder, but nothing seems to work. Any help/suggestions is appreciated. Thx!