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    "Select Other" from keyboard

    Pete McAdams
      Hi Folks
      I want to add a keyboard shortcut for the Select Other command fromthe RMB. I can't seem to find it in the lists. Can anyone point meto a way of doing this.
        • "Select Other" from Keyboard
          Eddie Cyganik
          This is one of the "Short -Comings" (pun intended) of SolidWorks. You can only create keyboard shortcuts if the command is made available through the SW customization interface.

          Now I don't want to get off on a rant here but,
          I have asked SolidWorks to provide a "Customization Interface" that would be external, as opposed to the current internal interface, that would allow users/companies to access all SW Commands. With this interface, you could set-up all Drop-Down Menus, Toolbars, Icons, Pop-Up Menus, Keyboard Shortcuts, Macros, etc., to customize SW to your companies requirements and products. It seems to me that there is absolutely no way for SW to provide what they think we need. It's impossible!

          Sorry for the rant. I just think it would be ridiculous for us to submit an enhancement request to add "Select Other" to the available commands for shortcuts.