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Basic extrusion query

Question asked by Louis C on Mar 31, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2015 by Louis C

Good evening all,


I am new to this forum, I could not see a clear introduction thread so a little intro! I work for Ford UK, and am currently in the middle of a BEng which requires some 3D simulations. Previously I used AutoCAD but only for 2D so as expected, I am encountering a few problems that SW Help and Youtube aren't quite clarifying; is it appropriate to just post queries as I have done here? I apologise if not, if someone could let me know that would be appreciated. I am currently using SW2008, but hopefully I will have access to a PC with SW2012 from next week.


Regarding my issue; I have extruded a simple rectangle which drafts outwards (hopefully the image can be seen below), is there a way to trim the face off as I only require the outwards draft on the longitudinal axis?