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Variable radius: bad news in SW2015?

Question asked by Simon Miller on Mar 31, 2015

Hi folks,

I may be new in this forum, but I've been using SW for quite a while (since 2001)!


I apreciate all the new things, that's been coming up over the last versions, but 2015 frustrates me in one feature: variable radius!


For a long time (since I can remember and minimum until SW2012) this feature behaved like this: pick any edge, better more than one edge (that are tangential) BEFORE you aply any radius and SW shows something like "not defined" for the end points and all "on the wa"y points (I don't know exactly the english words as I'm using the german versions). This "not defined" made it easy to create a constantly growing (or decreasing) variable radius on tangential edges with only defining the radius at beginning and end! SW does all the work for the "points on the way" between the both defined endings - so far so good.

Now in SW2015 everytime you select an edge SW automatically applies the given radius and I can not set it back to "not defined"! Why? This really drives me up the wall, because it didn't get easier this way!


What's the concept behind that?

Can anyone help me? Please.


Thanks in advance,