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    Solid Works 2015 to ACAD DWG conversion ... Cannot polyline profiles

    John Pesaturo

      Background: I've used ACAD in general since about R10 (circa 1987 ish?) and Solid Works since about 97'. Currently we're running AutoCAD2012LT and Solid Works 2015.

      From 97' through 2014 the Solid Works conversions have been pretty much fine. Now with the latest SW2015 updates I'm running into problems trying to polyline profiles. The end points simply don't meet up with a design intensive model. If I model up a solid block with a pocket, it polylines just fine on all accounts. I'm unsure of the threshold here, but when modeling up something with say 30-50 pockets/pedestals the polyline feature will not work. If I pull my units out as far as I can go I can see the disconnect in the last decimal place. I'm really in a bind here. Our Wire EDM vendor uses an older ACAD R14 and needs to be able to polyline these profiles. Currently I'm stuck in the land of redraw every profile within ACAD which is simply un-acceptable. Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

      I've attached a typical model which represents the issue at hand and a screen shot. (The screen shot is simply one of the rad/line junctions that I've drawn a line from the endpoint of the rad and a line at the endpoint of the line to assist in zooming only and being able to find the junction)