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Part not coming in at right location

Question asked by Chris Scheer on Mar 31, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2015 by Chris Scheer

I've created a new assembly.  In that assembly I've inserted an existing part (weldment frame).

I'm creating additional parts with in this assembly by:

1) Insert / Component / New Part

2) Selecting my plane (Usually the face of one of my weldment beams)

3) I then begin creating my part, now that I'm in "part mode" (using relations).

4) I then want to take that newly created part and make it a part of it's own.  I do this by RMC on the part and selecting "Save Part (in External File).  Works great.


The problem:

I then create another new assembly, but the parts aren't coming in at the location/orientation I created them.  Example... I create a new assembly, insert my weldment frame, then insert any additional parts I created... The additional parts I created aren't coming in at the location/orientation I created them.

The appear to be coming in on the default planes... not the planes (surfaces) I selected.