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Mitre Flange on this Complex Sheet Metal Item

Question asked by Olivier Wikina on Mar 31, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2015 by Erik Bilello

I am recreating a lower portion of a sheet metal hand sink. (also known as a skirt). It was modeled in pro and flat pattern created in PROE.






I was not able to convert to sheet metal, due to the way it was created in proe. Edges touching, and just basically fudged

I used the original flat pattern to get the base shape and used sketched bends to fold it in 4 places, then add the top and bottom flanges


The issue I am running into is that since body has several  lofted style bends at an angle it creates a radii which wont allow me to use a single mitre flange along the top

Using multiple edge bends sort of works, but I now i have to play with 3 different gap adjustments, corner features to try to get it all close to minimal gap.  i'd rather have sw treat it as 1 single mitre and let it handle the gap and reliefs




another option i'm thinking is  to figure out of there is a way to draw the whole section profile, then  insert sketch bends and bend the whole thing in 4 places.