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Heat transfer between two separate objects

Question asked by Marius Normann on Mar 30, 2015
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I'm currently working on a flow simulation with a water radiator heater and a seat. I have little experience with flow simulation and have encountered some problems.

Setup: Thin plastic seat above water radiator heater. Hot water (60 C / 323 K) flows through the heater. Flow rate at 0.0027 kg/s. Air temperature 13 C / 286 K.

My goal is to find out how hot the seat gets and how long it takes. Also I wish to see the flow lines of the air.

I've tried to simplify the heater to just a pipe to ease the meshing process.

I'm not sure what the problems are since I have little knowledge.

I'll attach the file.


If anything's unclear, let me know and I'll try to explain it more carefully.


If someone could help me with guidance, I would be most grateful.



When I try to run the analysis, the seat doesn't get heated.

I made lid for the pipe and set boundry conditions to 0.0027 kg/s on inlet and environment pressure on outlet.

Also I set radiation on the pipe



New version of simulation