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OpenGL difficulties

Question asked by John Nemeth on Jun 6, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2010 by Stephanie Honeycutt
My latest experience with OpenGL on my 32 bit XP system.
After installing SW 2007 SP 4.0 I realized that the \Tools\Options\Performance\Use software OpenGL option was ticked and grayed out. I tried different things to help this: re-installed the authorized video driver; ran a SW Repair from the disc; uninstalled and clean-reinstalled SW and the SP in this order. None of them helped, the option was still ticked and grayed out and performance was obviously lacking.
I asked the question from my VAR (some of the previous options originated with them as well). The friendly support person remotely connected to my box. Every setting was checked and found in good state. Then came the last resort: he disconnected my second monitor and wow everything went back to order. The the second monitor was re-connected then and the system is working now as before, using the video card's hardware acceleration.
Just to let you guys known, in case of someone else would have the same fun...