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Export flat-pattern to dwg of current model and add note.

Question asked by Jonny Levelius on Mar 30, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2015 by Jonny Levelius

I have been looking for a way to export my current sheet metal part as a dwg flat-pattern.  That part is easy.

What I would like it to also do is to:

     - Ask for a location to save the file

     - Option to remove all bend lines

     - Add a note or text displaying the Description of the part, sheet metal gauge or thickness, and quantity in assembly(manually added if not automatic)

After searching the forums and interwebs I have found some cool stuff where you can export a bunch of parts at a time but I only want it to work with one part at a time.  The problem is finding a way to add a note that can be pasted or inserted into the AutoCAD model space at the same time as the flat-pattern.  I am not very good with SolidWorks VBA but I have an understanding of some userforms and the basics.

I work at a company where 90% of the parts we use in our construction is stainless steel sheet metal.  We have pieces that we need to send to the laser or water jet contractor.  We usually send them one dwg file that includes all cut parts for a single job.  This could be up to 100 pieces of cut parts.   We take the flat-pattern dwg, copy it, and paste it into the cut part master file.  What it would look like (without the Job # and box with "7 ga mild steel") is something like this:

Cut Parts.PNG