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Assembly equation to drive dimension in part with configurations

Question asked by Andy Braham on Mar 29, 2015

Hi everyone,

   I have looked through many posts on here about driving a part dimension from a Assembly. I am running SolidWorks 2015 and I have a assembly that only has 2 parts. I have managed to create a Equation in the Assembly to control a dimension on the part and have everything work correctly. The problem is when I open the part and change between the different configurations the dimension does not update it only updates to the last configuration of the assembly. How do I specify in the equation of the Assembly to drive the dimension of the part on a per configuration? I know I have done this in the past but can not figure out how to do it, I think it has something to do with specifying the configuration in the equation or in a design table using something like d1@sketch@part@configuration or something similar.



Thanks for the help!