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Help modeling a runner for mold design

Question asked by AM Eichkamp AM Eichkamp on Mar 29, 2015

Hi all.


I need to make a runnersystem for this product (attached) , a friend sent a rough Idea of how it should look (below) . However it is gated on the wrong end of the part (should be gated at the larger diameter end) and gated with a Tab gate, I believe these to be submarine gates.



The Tab gate

Gating into the thickest section of the part is desirable (larger diameter end).Land length of the gate should not exceed 0.75mm. Tabs should be 12.7mm long x 9.5mm wide with thickness variable up to part wall thickness. The gate should be located near the centre of the tab. The tab should extend 6mm below the gate.





The runner system should be half trapezoidal or full round with these specs

Runner intersections should have a 3.2mm radius.

Cold slug wells should be cut at the end of all primary and secondary runners.

Secondary runners should be a minimum of 0.8mm smaller than the primary runner.

Minimum runner diameter should be 6.35mm.

Suggested runner diameter versus flow length requirements are as follows:



Flow Length                             Diameter

250 mm                                                                        9.5 mm

80-250 mm                                                                   7.9 mm

80 mm or less                                                               6.4 mm

Secondary Runner                                                          6.4 mm




Can you help? wish I had solidworks plastics, supposedly does it for you......