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Rack and Pinion Mechanical Mate

Question asked by Daniel Degutis on Mar 28, 2015
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I cannot figure out the rack and pinion mechanical mate feature. I have designed a gear and rack that I believe are correctly dimensioned, but every time I mate them the rotation of the gear always gradually overlaps the rack. I can attach the parts here.


I have a 12 tooth gear with a 0.25 inch pitch diameter. I know the linear pitch of the rack should equal the circular pitch of the gear and they do so I'm confused as to what is wrong. Or if it is just something with solidworks.


The pitch diameter of the pinion is easy because the radius is simply .25/2 from the center of the gear. For the rack i had to position the pitch line based on the addendum. The addendum would be 1/PD or 1/(N/DP). In my case i have 12 teeth and a diametrical pitch of 48. So the addendum is 1/48 and from that I can mark my linear pitch distance that sets my rack teeth position.