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    Sketching a line on a drawing sheet gives wrong style & weight

    Stephen Reed

      When sketching a line in a drawing sheet SW gives me the wrong style & weight.  For example (see attached), sketching a line on a drawing doesn't give a solid line in the default (.18mm) weight.  What I get is a dashed line in the thick2 (.5mm) weight.  Sketching a center line gives a center line but again in the thick2 weight. Try as I might, I can't find a setting that controls the default settings for line style & weight. I've tried the Tools/Options/Document Properties/Line Font (and also Line Style, Line Thickness).  I tried changing the drawing template from our custom templates to the ansi.drwdot template from SolidWorks, still the same problem. This may be something simple but I can't find it.


      Anyone else have this happen and have a fix?





      SW2012 SP5