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    Unreal mesh

    Samio Roi


      I used the h-adaptive mesh to refine the a model consisting of assemblies with the weld being major field of investigation. Normal mesh refinement wasn't working well due to the spacing between the parts to emulate a practical and real life scenario in the model.

      I have highlighted a few areas in the mesh which I think isn't correct. As I understand every node should be connected to the neighboring ones to provide close to accurate results. In this case the mesh lines aren't continuous.

      I'm not a meshing expert and would highly appreciate if any one can help me understand this.


      Thanks a lot for taking out time to answer this.



      Mesh analysis.png

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          Mike Pogue

          Hi Samoi,


          In fact you have tetrahedral elements touching side to side everywhere. There is nothing here to worry about. SolidWorks uses quadratic tetrahedra, which have nodes at the corners and at the midpoint of each side, and which use quadratic shape functions. The actual requirement for compatible mesh is that you have node-to-node--nodes are shared between elements. So you could, I'm pretty sure, have corner to midpoint touching with no problem. But if you look closer at your mesh, this is not even occurring. In every case, it's corner to corner, side to side.

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            Jared Conway

            i'm not sure i understand what you think is wrong. you have transitions between 2 different element sizes, the software needs to do something to account for that and in this case it needs to "fill in the gaps" with elements of different sizes so it doesn't exactly match.